The Ivy Fashion Show

As you know, I was recently invited to a fashion show in San Francisco! It was such a fun experience and I was so glad I could attend. The fashion show was put on to promote local designers and raise money for the San Francisco Food Bank. Since I love San Fran so much, my friends and I rode in earlier than the show (and got a little turned around on the way- dumb navigation system!). I decided my day in San Francisco is going to split up in to three posts to avoid one very long one. So here’s part one!

We got to the beautiful Hotel Whitcomb around 6pm and had some amazing hors d’ oeuvres. I met with one of the designers who was going to be in the show and talked about shop and learned about their line. I actually might be writing a future post on them! The first designer’s clothes to walk down the runway was Dlish Couture. Her clothes are ready to wear dress shirts that hide the buttons for a more polished look. Unfortunately, I knew the designer wasn’t going to be at the show so I didn’t get to meet her.

The second designer was amazing (and her designs are pictured above). The line (and designer) is Stefanie Schoen. Her collection aims to take a bold, funky girl to the evening so all of the pieces were very fun and wearable. I would love to work with her sometime!

The final designer (and the one I got to meet) was GK Clothing. They take art from local artists and screen print them to shirts. They are starting to switch to digital, though, because screen printing is very hard to maintain. They had great designs, and I’m lusting over one of their cardigans.

After the show was over we decided we were all beat and hit the road back to Sacramento. As we were driving out of San Franciscowe could see the sun starting to set on the ocean. It was a really beautiful way to end a really lovely day.

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