Sneak Peak

Yesterday I went thrifting and bargain hunting with my good friend. We visited a thrift store near my apartment called Eco Thrift. It is a amazing! It is like a cool version of Goodwill. It’s just as big and has all of the same areas (housewares, men, women, children, etc), but instead of pricing everything by type, they price each item individually like a store does. It’s nice because you can pay $.99 for something that you would have to pay $4 for at Goodwill. The individual pricing has its downside, too. Some of the pricing was a little crazy. I saw a shirt from Target for $15, but an Espirit top for $3. Make sense? No. It can be a little overwhelming and there’s always a ton of people there, but it’s always clean. And get this, the racks are actually organized by size! Thrift stores rock, but you have to be prepared to dig.

Then we went to Ross and my friend found the only romper in our size. Unfortunately for me she loved it and got it. Boo! But then we walked over to Burlington Coat Factory and I found this amazing jacket. If you follow me on Twitter (which you should be! @ChiqueChic) then you know I got this normally $80 jacket for only $7! I am so excited to wear my new finds! P.S. I spent under $10 on all three of these items!

What are your favorite bargain stores?

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