And the Living’s Easy

wearing: sunnies from nordstrom’s, BDG top from Urban Outfitters, vintage chain necklace, duckhead jean shorts, Delicious hand me down shoes from my sister, and vintage Letisse lambskin clutch.

My friend could tell you this outfit didn’t come easy. Don’t you ever just have those days when it’s too hot to get dressed up to go out? I was on the phone for about 20 minutes throwing clothes back and forth before I stumbled upon this. Honestly, I absolutely love it, too. These shoes are one of my new favorites. They are surprisingly really comfortable and are just a really great summer shoe. Plus I feel 10 feet tall in them, that never hurts! I wore these to go to a local pub with my newly single friend. The night led us to many other places, but this outfit kept up with me.

What do you guys wear when you go out in the hot summer heat?

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Emily Hacker


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