wearing: heart-shaped sunglasses from Calico, volcom striped cardigan vest, miley and max bow sequin top, juicy couture jeans, jessica simpson striped wedges, and candie’s quilted bag.

I finally got to see the second Sex and the City movie! I went on Friday with my friend Cassi and we had a blast. Did you guys like it as much as the first movie and the series? I feel like I need to see it again knowing that they went in a much different direction. Plus, I had trouble identifying with Carrie as a married woman who finally had Mr. Big.

Anyway, we went to an early showing so I didn’t want to go too crazy so I opted for a comfy cute look. I’m not sure if I’ve introduced these shoes on this blog yet, but I absolutely love them. They are crazy cute and crazy comfortable. They have pink and white stripes on the heel! AMAZING! I was pretty excited to wear my Juicy jeans too because I’ve been trying to work out lately and they finally fit again! Actually, I thought they were a little big, which makes me feel even better! 🙂

I recently won a $25 gift certificate to Calico, a new online store that sells vintage and new clothing. I got these adorable heart shaped sunglasses. I think they are so perfect. I mean c’mon, they are magenta! Thanks Calico! You can get your own pair here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend! I went white river rafting!!

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