To a Fashion Show We Go

Friday night I went to a local designer fashion show. I love going to local fashion shows. They always have a really cool vibe and you can support your area. My absolute favorite of the night hands down was noognuv thao. Her designs had a vintage feel to them and were constructed beautifully. I would love to do a post on her.

When I was deciding what to wear, I knew I wanted to go in a Spring direction (you know, ’cause it’s kind of Spring and all). I got this top on sale from $80 down to $7 at Marshall’s, but I’m not sure who the designer is because the tag has just a series of squares. I love the idea of wearing a floral top with leather leggings. It screams hard as nails but still feminine.

Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their weekend! xoxo emily

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Emily Hacker

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  1. Do you have to have someone help you get out of those leather leggings? 😉 Nice pins.

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