My Dad Thinks I’m a Cool Person

No, I haven't grown a tail, that's my kitty 🙂

hey Hiro, jealous of the camera much? hehe

I tried out some new eye make up today, you like?

This outfit was tres comfy. such a perfect outfit for such a nice day!

Here's a close up of my socks and boots.

I tried (and basically failed) to take a picture of my make up. like my picture in the background? I got it thrifting. It says, "ou lala paris" <3

wearing bebe cardigan, express jersey dress, belt from saks socks from target, and boots (?).

My Friday night was pretty uneventful in a yucky way. Well, instead of being all mopey and acting like a negative nancy, I decided to get all dressed up and enjoy my Saturday 🙂

I got these socks on clearance from Target for like $3, pretty rad, right? I like the idea of a semi-hidden sock design. It makes me feel like I have a fun secret. Oh! That belt is amazing! It’s adjustable to the extreme, which is great for me because waist belts are always too big for me (wah wah horrible problem right?), especially since I’ve gotten back in to dance. Which reminds me, I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about that on here. Well, I’m in a local dance company! I’m pretty excited about it, actually, and not just because it provides another outlet for dressing adorable. I’ve been mulling over a way to tie my ballet clothes into my blog, but I haven’t really come up with a solution (hence why this is the first you’re hearing of this).

But off of the rambling… Have you guys checked out Mademoiselle Robot‘s blog? She is an adorable Parisian living in London while wearing the cutest outfits. I learned how to do a hair headband and my eye make up from her videos! It seems so much easier to learn with her adorable accent (oh no, is my Americanism showing?). Plus, she loves cats as much as I do!

I’m trying so hard not to vent about the trolls in my life but I’m afraid it’s going to slip a little. All I’m going to say about it is this:

“My dad thinks I’m a cool person to hang out with and that’s all that matters, right?”

Enjoy the rest of your weekend loves! xoxo

Hiro is obsessed with my camera, he kept knocking it over!

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