Blumarine Fall 2010

A leather trench? AMAZING.

This is the right amount of zebra.

These leggings are so great!

I love the train.

great dress, even better boots.


Even though this outfit is all black, it has enough detailing so it doesn't look boring.

I hate the boots with this dress, but that dress is to die for.

all images are from New York Magazine

I’m usually a big Blumarine fan, but this line I half hated and half loved. When I first started watching this show I thought, “Woah, who threw up on these designs?”  A little harsh? Maybe. There’s a lot of tassels a even more mixing of zebra prints. Ew. Just ew. But the second half is amazing with rhinestones, draping, and leather. In conclusion, just don’t let the ew get the best of you. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Look for a new post on Monday! xo emily

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Emily Hacker

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