Gypsy 05

Gypsy 05 Jewel Skirt in Black/White as seen on Nicky Hilton-sold out

Gypsy 05 Indah Strapless Dress in Black and Turquoise $128 at

I am in love with Gyspy 05! As you know, I just moved (and still unpacking). Well when I had my cable and internet installed, the guy tried to talk me into having store email’s go to my internet provider’s email address. Yeah right! I love seeing pretty pictures of new things in stores now! If you are familiar with Gyspy 05 at all, then you know celebrities wear a lot of their clothes. Unfortunately, this means a lot of their merchandise sells out really quickly. These are two of my favorite items, and one of them is sold out! Boo!

So I just wanted to take a moment to explain my slight absence. I started school and moved basically the same week. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that unpacking and spring cleaning would take up so much of my time. Well, I got my affairs in order and now I’m back! Phew, now that that’s over, be prepared for some killer posts! xoxo emily

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