Just Close The Curtain

wearing express blue ruffle top, joe’s jeans, and candie’s mary jane stud heels.

Last night I went downtown to my favorite place, The Mix. It’s literally how I would decorate my house. The reason to celebrate? Darsi turned 22! We got a private room, which was amazing. Whenever some skeezy people would start annoying us we would just close the curtain! I tried on so many things trying to pick out the perfect outfit. I recently found this shirt and fell in love with it all over again. It’s supposed to close at the neck to have a sort of choker effect, but it always makes me feel like I’m choking, so I chose to wear it open this time. I wish I would have been wearing it like this every time!

School starts this week (boo! hiss!) and I’m trying to pack (moving again, eh?) so hopefully posts won’t get few and far between. Hopefully everyone had a fun three day weekend! xoxo emily

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Emily Hacker

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