Matt took my pictures today and he was being hilarious. He was totally playing fashion photographer.

red flower headband my mom crocheted, wet seal motorcycle jacket, blue old navy tank top, burberry scarf,  joe’s jeans (cigarette skinny- honey), love culture ankle boots, and Fendi bag.

Today has been pretty yucky. I didn’t sleep very well and it’s been raining all day! And to top it off, Matt’s friends were coming over and we needed totally paper like whoa. So we braved the rain and ran to the store. The lady in front of us was super nice to let us cut her in line (we only had the TP, a can of chili, and a loaf of bread- random right?). Plus, I was lucky enough to get some outfit pictures in before it started pouring again!

I really missed wearing my faux leather jacket, so I decided I was gonna wear it today. I already had the tank top on so I just added my favorite pair of jeans and some cool boots. It seemed a little boring so I dug around and pulled out my Burberry scarf and the headband my mom made me for Christmas. I love this headband! I saw a similar one on etsy, but it was way overpriced so my mom made me one. Now I have one and it actually has sentimental value. But let me tell you, if you’re going to wear a headband like this, you can’t be very shy because everyone is going to be staring at you (i.e. it). I learned to turn out looks from people in high school so it didn’t really bother me, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hope it’s not raining everywhere else! xo Emily

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