Leather and Cashmere

I had some lookie loos when I was taking this picture. I was also honked at by passing cars a couple of times. I say this outfit gets an A+

This skirt has such amazing draping!

Polo by Ralph Lauren (men’s) Italian cashmere sweater, wet seal lacy/ruffle belt, love culture faux leather skirt, wet seal tie-dye leggings, and Candie’s studded mary-jane platform heels.

When I saw this skirt on sale for $11 at love culture, you can more than assume I freaked. Actually, I didn’t pay full price for anything I’m wearing. The sweater is Italian cashmere (die! so soft!) and by Ralph Lauren. I got it while I was working at the Saks Outlet. It came from a full-line store (you mean a $500 sweater had trouble selling?) so it was sent to our store marked down. Well, because I was working in receiving, I got first dibs on stuff like that. I got this pretty sweater for $7! Oh how I miss working in receiving there sometimes. I gave it to my boyfriend, but he is quite messy so he hardly ever wears it (for fear I will kill him for ruining it! j/k). Needless to say, I borrow the sweater from time to time. The belt and leggings were on sale from wet seal for like $2 each! My boyfriend’s parents gave me a gift card to Kohl’s for Christmas so I got these adorable heels. They were marked down to $20! They aren’t the most comfortable shoes so I had to go up a half size, but the pain is more than worth it.

When I was putting this outfit together, I knew I wanted to wear the leggings. Then came the sweater, which was too short to wear without a skirt. Since I’ve been dying to wear this skirt, it seemed like a perfect fit. I tried on several pairs of shoes before I finally remembered I had these new ones! Don’t you love when that happens? It’s the equivalency of finding money in your pockets.

After I got home from being out and about, I decided this outfit wasn’t lounging around the house appropiate. So here’s how I carried the leggings into my ‘comfy at home’ outfit:

wet seal tie-dye leggings paired with a black derek heart dress.

PS- that’s my other cat’s tail peaking in the bottom corner, and hell yeah I left the christmas lights up on our deck. They are too fun to take down. Make fun all you want.

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