Over-the-Knee for Me?

The Ramones are love.

Today was a chill inside day, but that didn’t stop me from having a mini photo shoot! I’ve been dying to show you guys my new over-the-knee boots my boyfriend got me for Christmas (let’s be honest, I picked them out and he paid). Aren’t they adorable! I got them for half price because I’m awesome like that. And those are the two skirts I got thrifting yesterday! I love them so much! Oh and do you love my bib necklace? I got that for Christmas, too. Hope you enjoy the pictures and my commentary! xo Emily

I got this shirt from Urban Outfitters forever ago when I visiting San Fran. It was on sale for something crazy like $3! I got this skirt at Goodwill yesterday. I’m not sure what brand it is, it only had a tag that said size 6. It fits so well! The belt I got from Goodwill a couple months ago. It was love at first site. It totally reminds me of Betsey Johnson. That’s a rabbit fur stole by Dolce Vita. I got it from a fun site called Gomatta Girls. The site has a joke about the stuff being so cheap because it “fell off the back of a truck.” (Just a joke guys, don’t freak out.)

That’s the belt I wore on New Years Eve. It’s ruffles! I love that bib necklace. It’s from love culture! That’s the other skirt I got thrifting. It’s Hillard and Hanson. Those are my new over-the-knee boots! They are Colin Stuart from Victoria’s Secret. The pictures just don’t do them justice. They look so adorable. Do you guys see my painting of the Sex and the City girls? The white thing in the corner is my ticket from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. Read the books! They rock!

Yep, that’s my Christmas tree. I don’t really like to take that one down because it’s so cute. It doesn’t seem very seasonal to me.

Hiro doesn’t like to share my shoes with me. See him guarding over them? This is our spare bedroom, aka the girly room. It’s mostly home to my shoes and winter clothes.

See all my pretty shoe boxes? The red ones are for my Valentinos.

Today went by so quickly! Before I knew it, all the sunlight was gone and I had to take all of my pictures indoors!

The boots aren’t really two-toned, it’s kind of weird that they’re photographing that way up close.

There’s the big tripod I use for most of my photos, but for up close shots, I use a tiny one.

I love how the shoes tie in the back, but in a non-pirate kind of way.

Here’s my kitty Hiro. He loves shoes so much!

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