If Boys Can, So Can I

American Eagle tweed jacket, Bebe pink tunic, Bebe jeans, hand-me-down shoes from my sister, and Fendi bag.

See! I told you I’d post an outfit picture today! I’ve been feeling kind of sick, and as you can tell from the pictures, the weather has been pretty dismal. Fog, fog, and more fog. I really like when my sisters give me their old clothes/shoes because their style is different than mine. I usually end up with items that I would never buy, but turn out to be totally rad and statement pieces. I haven’t really worked with the whole menswear trend that’s been pretty big lately, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Although, I’m not sure too many men would wear that pink tunic, oh well. I needed a bright color because it was so dark outside! I got that American Eagle jacket forever ago when they had their after Christmas sale. I always get a ton of compliments on it. It’s wool so it’s kind of itchy, though!

Today I had to run to the post office to ship off my old textbooks from last semester. Can you believe I sold them all in a week!? I love half.com. I had some cash left over so I thought I’d make a trip to my favorite Goodwill. I haven’t been thrifting in forever! Oh boy did I choose the wrong day to go, though. I guess Wednesdays are pretty happening at the Goodwill because everywhere I turned there were people and the line to check out was killer. I did end up buying three pieces. I got two skirts, one is white and navy striped and the other is a pretty blue and brown plaid palette. Oh, and a gorgeous lace and silk lingerie type top. I was gonna do some modeling pictures today, but the weather sucked all of the energy right out of me, you know recovering from a cold and all. I am way stoked about my purchases. My new thing is trying to mature my wardrobe a little bit. I’m 21, so I have a lot of stuff left from high school, which is just not cutting it for me. Which reminds me of what my project today was supposed to be, aka organizing and getting rid of clothes from my closets and wardrobes. Tomorrow maybe? Happy Hump Day everyone! The weekend’s almost here! xoxo!

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