Sewing is My Mistress

I spent the day inside trying to figure out this thing called a sewing machine. I got a Brother LS-2000 for Christmas and I’m just now getting around to trying it out. I haven’t touched a sewing machine since early high school (when I broke my mom’s), so as you might guess, I was a little nervous to use one again. Fortunately, my mom realized this conundrum and purchased a sewing machine that came with an instructional DVD. Now I am a sewing genius! Well, kind of. I made the coolest shirt today and mended the comforter our washing machine is so hell bent on eating. I would have changed the hemline on an old dress, but somehow I don’t have any black thread. So random, who doesn’t have black thread? Anyway, if anyone has any super cool patterns or suggestions on where to get awesome fabric on the cheap, send that info my way! Finally having a working sewing machine (my old one is an antique from the ’70s that I couldn’t quite figure out) has me excited to go thrifting. A lot of times I don’t buy killer pieces because they need tailoring, but now I can do that! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I’m keeping my resolution for my blog pretty well, another post!

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