FLASHBACK! Today I thought I’d share a picture with you guys from my past. Were you guys ever in Girl Scouts? Well I was. My area had a “Daddy Daughter Dance” every year and this particular year’s theme was “Prom.” I absolutely loved this dress. My mom had picked it up from a garage sale, and between my two sisters and me, it got a lot of wear.

So here’s the fun story:

They were crowning princesses for every group, I was a Brownie. They started announcing the winners and my dad is trying to drag me to get our picture taken and I was like no, dad, no! I want to see if I won! My dad then went on to let me down easy by saying how there were a lot of girls there and the chances of me winning were very low. Well, about half way through that sentence they announced my name and by the time he said “chances of me winning” I was dragging him up the stage extremely happy. Luckily our turn to take pictures was after the crowning. On a side note, a couple of the other girls from my troop wouldn’t talk to me for a few days.

Have you guys entered my contest yet? It ends Monday, what are you waiting for?!

Tomorrow I’m going to dinner and a fashion show with Darsi! Are you guys gonna be there? The details are in my previous post. I have been super busy so I haven’t had time to pick out my outfit yet, so I might take pictures of my options and then post them tomorrow. You’ll see on Friday what I went with!

Today was my last class and then I have my exam next Wednesday and I’m done! Well, at least until next semester. My mom flies in Saturday night for my sister’s graduation from college (Congrats Christy!!) so I have a lot of cleaning to do. Oh the woes of being an adult. Hope you guys are having a happy hump day! The weekend’s almost here! Unless you’re me, then it is the weekend!

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