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black shiny headband from Wal-mart, black lace Apt 9 top, black Express tank top, faux pearl bracelets, Bally vintage chain bag, INC skinny jeans, black love culture ankle boots.

So, I’m first going to start off with groveling. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting very much these past couple days! I have a horrible cold and have been pretty much living under the covers the past few days. I finally had to drag myself out of bed to go to class today (there’s only two more classes, I can’t really miss any more days, right?). First, let’s starts things off with a little recap. My Thanksgiving was amazing. Although it was pretty intense eating all that food and being sick. Did you guys watch the Macy’s Day Parade? We totally did, well, I mean, we DVR-ed it and then fast forward through the boring parts. I spent it with the boyfriend’s family. I played my first game of Apples to Apples and did pretty well! No one agreed with me that “online shopping” was the perfect card for “Addictive.”

Then we left and played Beatles Rock Band at my friends house. I’m getting pretty good at the drums! I can do really well on Medium. Anywho, then my friend Darsi (you guys remember Darsi, plus she’s in the picture with me) and I worked at a local store from 12am to 4am. Pretty intense. It’s really hard to work on no sleep in the middle of the night with crazy shoppers. Darsi had to talk me out of a pink tutu. It was a little too meshy for my taste. Then we made the mistake of walking the rest of the mall until it felt like we were walking on needles. I don’t remember too much of the drive home.

Then Saturday I did some shopping. I got two dresses from the Miley and Max line from Walmart. You guys know that line is genius, don’t lie. Oh! And I had a pizza Lunchable! It was soo amazingly good. Do you guys remember how they used to come with 4 breads for the pizza and how there was never enough toppings? Well now you only get three so it’s perfect! Plus they come with a Capri Sun. Sorry, I’m in love with lunchables.

Moving on, I went to my favorite thrift store and, of course, I found a ton of stuff. I got a cool hot pink night gown and a white slip (why does no one sell these anymore?! do people just walk around with see through clothes??). Plus I found this awesome awesome awesome keepall bag that looks just like the Louis Vuitton ones (but not as nice, of course) that’s a Macy’s brand. It even has the rolled handles and long strap. I kind of have a luggage addiction. Anyway, it will be perfect for flying because it doesn’t have compartments or anything that mess up how much stuff I can fit in it. Plus I got some stuff for the kitchen like a giant mug. When I checked out, the lady at the cash register was like “are you really going to use this giant mug for coffee?” To which I replied, “no, I’m going to use it for soup.” One can never have too many large-ish bowls for soup. Our bowls are too small for soup so we have to always use the big glass ones.

Sorry, I’m rambling. So back to the pictures. Do you remember when Darsi and I went to a local fashion show? Well the professional pictures finally found their way to the internets. Here’s a couple of the pictures of us walking the red carpet. It was pretty fun. It’s nice to have more pictures from that night.

Well, I think I’m gonna go see if I can’t find some ibuprofen in the mess that is my purse.

Oh if you guys are looking for a witty and fun book, check out Emergency by Neil Strauss. I’m a little over half way through it and I love it.

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Here’s what it looks like when I see someone taking the picture right before they take it. Hence the giggly face.

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