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black shiny headband from Wal-mart, black lace Apt 9 top, black Express tank top, faux pearl bracelets, Bally vintage chain bag, INC skinny jeans, black love culture ankle boots.

Last night was the Fashion Fusion Fashion Show at a local club. A local store hosted the event for charity. There was a red carpet and professional photographers and everything. We were pretty impressed. They had champagne and hor’ dourves- which were amazing. They had sour cream and chives on a cracker, so simple yet brilliant! We had pretty great seats, too. The fashion show was fun. The models were employees from the store and the clothes were from the store’s merchandise. They did a pretty good job styling, but I felt most of the outfits were either too casual or too club-ish for my taste. I was pretty surprised when I found out how average priced the clothing was. There was this really cute studded off the shoulder top that was only $45.

So California is a desert, thus it was freezing last night. Darsi wore her new gray jacket and I wore my Wet Seal motorcycle jacket. I thought the leather and lace was a cool concept.

Which reminds me, my boyfriend came home right before we left and I asked him if he thought I looked cute. He responded, “I think you look like you’re dressed to go see New Moon.” So I whined, “Just because I’m wearing lace doesn’t mean I’m a vampire!” Darsi had my back and said she thought I looked cute. And then I half considered changing and actually wearing the outfit to go see New Moon in. I mean, it would have been a good outfit for New Moon. No, I haven’t seen it yet. Yes, it’s killing me. The boyfriend was sick so we haven’t made it out yet. That’s okay, I won’t have to deal with screaming hormonal girls this way.

Here’s the debut of the Bally bag I got thrifting on Thursday. They obviously didn’t know what they had because they didn’t even have it in the glass case and it was only priced at $5! I hope, for my benefit, they keep marking the bags low!

Here’s some pictures of Darsi and me before we left! Darsi’s wearing a dress she got for $5 from Urban Outfitters! Oh, and I convinced her to get some shiny leggings from the Miley and Max line from Wal-mart.




Here’s us shivering… it was freezing outside!!

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