Wear Your Boyfriend’s Jeans

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Cape Jacket from Saks, white rouched sleeve shirt from Old Navy, my boyfriend’s black Lee jeans, brown belt that came with a dress shirt from Marshall’s, thrifted vintage gold chain tassel necklace, Rampage brown gladiator heels, and vintage Brahmin bag.

I really wanted to go thrifting today so I found some local ones online and made a plan of action. Next, I had to decide what I was going to wear. I wanted to dress comfortable, but I hate when I look really nice when I go out to thrift stores. I feel like everyone thinks you don’t belong there and some creepy guy will follow you around the store. Plus, I get hanger-ons that follow me around the store and pick up anything I set down because they like my style. Does that ever happen to you? It gets really annoying. I just start picking up really ugly stuff after a while until they get the hint.

So my boyfriend wasn’t home so I decided to raid his jeans. I found these black ones that fit as good as anyone’s boyfriend’s actual jeans are gonna fit. I remember reading an article that said don’t actually wear your boyfriend’s jeans, but I think that’s silly. Who wants to spend $50+ on a pair of baggy/shapeless jeans? I took it as a personal challenge and this is what I came up with. I got the cape/jacket when I worked at Saks for an amazing $7, gotta love employee discounts! I got the necklace when I went thrifted last time. So that purse is amazing. It is made in Italy! The store obviously did not know what they had or I’m sure they would have marked it way higher than $3. Brahmin is a pretty amazing designer and I love the style. I had to seriously air it out though. Someone must have stowed the bag away in a closet or something because it seriously needed to breath. I really love my gladiator heels. They are so adorable, but I have super high arches so they tend to leave marks and hurt my feet. They are totally worth the pain, though.

I ended up only going to one thrift store because it proved to be AMAZING. I was there like 3 hours. This outfit proved very useful because it was extremely comfortable and easy to take on and off while I was trying the clothes on. In the interest of not having one super long post, I’m going to post another with a couple outfits and talking about my thrifting experience some more. In other words, stay tuned for more!

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