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Emily: flower headband, energie striped dress, vintage Frenchy of California chain strap purse, miley and max faux leather leggings, and love culture ankle boots.

Darsi: corduroy jacket, Old Navy navy one shoulder ruffle top, black leggings, and Target booties.

Last night I went out to a club opening at a local casino. But before I talk about that, let’s back up and talk about earlier in the day. Kohl’s sent me a $10 gift card, so I decided I’d go in and spend it yesterday. I ended up finding sale racks that were an additional 25% off, insane! I got the dress in the picture for $4! I ended up spending $16 because of the gift card, but I saved over $100. Yes, I am a bargain shopper. I got two other dress, one was $4 and the other was $10, and then I found another pair of faux leather leggings for $3!

Did you notice that I’m wearing my new vintage bag from thrifting Friday? Whenever I find a vintage bag I like to research the designer, but I haven’t been able to find anything really out about Frenchy of California.

So after we had an amazing dinner at Chipotle, we headed to Red Hawke Casino. Darsi ended up being the only one not too cheap to gamble. I think she ended up loosing like $6, so no biggy. The club finally opened at 10 and we went in. It was pretty disappointing I have to say. The club is called Pearl and it’s about as big as one. It was basically a hallway and service was extremely slow. They played some okay music, mostly Jay-Z. Matt, Darsi, and I got a bunch of free stuff, though! We ended up leaving after a couple of hours and went back to Darsi’s and watched Juno. That movie is so amazingly funny.

So today I’m going to be boring and cleaning the apartment and recovering from a fun night out last night. I know this weekend isn’t quite over yet, but I’m way excited for next weekend! I have amazing plans for both Friday and Saturday night. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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Emily Hacker

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  1. Apparently I should really be checking out Old Navy more often. They seem to be surprisingly fashion forward these days. What great finds!

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