Friday the 13th

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Black Wet Seal Motorcyle Jacket, White Pocket Old Navy shirt, peace sign scarf from Ross, Dooney and Bourke bag, Silver Chain Bracelet from Express, Joe’s Cigarette Jeans, Old Navy gold flats.

So today was the horrid Friday the 13th! Well, that would totally explain why my friend Darsi and I completely failed when we went thrifting today. My usual and first choice thrift store was so empty! I was shocked how little of merchandise they had on the shelves. I explained my shopping day to Matt and he said it must not have been too much of a failure because I still ended up coming home with a bag of stuff. I ended up with a way cool necklace you will definitely see in an outfit picture soon and a way cool chain purse. When Matt starts asking about how many chain purses I have, I think I’m going to start responding with, “Oh, didn’t you know? I collect them!” That will definitely explain why I have so many! Oh, and Darsi and I decided to get ugly mugs. It is my new goal in life to have amazingly awesome mugs. The mug has different cats on them and their names. Since I am the youngest cat lady ever, I think it is fitting.

We decided to try out a supposed high-end consignment shop, but I was severely disappointed. They sold so many fakes! I wanted to call the feds and report them. Those bags were poor fakes at that, not that it really makes it better, but c’mon! There’s no way they thought those were real.

Anyway, I finally got a tripod!! Well, two tripods because I’m spoiled. I got a 60” one so I can do legit photos and then one of those bendy small ones so I can throw it in my bag and not feel self-conscious when people are staring at me with a giant tripod. These pictures were taken with my new tripod. Notice a difference? It took me like half the time to take the pictures. Very painless.

So there’s a glimpse at my new Dooney and Bourke bag. I need to take legit pictures eventually but this weekend is going to be pretty busy. As you already know if you watched my video blog, I am going out to a club opening tomorrow night! I think it will be a blast. It’s in a casino, so we are going to do a little gambling before hand. I’ll try to put pics up Sunday, but my dad is coming in town and my apartment needs cleaning desperately.

Oh! And I finally got my hands on a copy of the December issue of Vanity Fair! Now I just need to find time to read it…

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  1. “Since I am the youngest cat lady ever…” That is hilarious!! Cool blog!

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