Express Sequin Leggings


Have you guys seen these!? I was reading the November issue of Elle last night and stumbled across the Express ad for these and I’m dying. I want some so bad. After I post this I am definitely going to be perusing ebay for a pair. This Fall seems to be pretty amazing for awesome leggings. Which I am extremely excited about because those of us with big behinds understand that dresses fit in the front, but not in the back and leggings solve this little issue. And by the way, I was totally disappointed with the November issue of Elle. There was maybe two pages in the whole magazine that I actually wanted to rip out and keep, which makes me sad because Elle is my favorite magazine. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten, I will post the pictures from yesterday shortly. I have an exam tomorrow and I always seem to leave Sunday open for homework and study. Not the best idea I’ve ever had. Now, before I forget, here’s the product details for the leggings. You can get them from Express for $98, but there are tons of coupons for Express out there.

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