Sparkly Tights… Jealous?


Tonight I went out to my friend’s concert and since I was stuck inside all day doing laundry/cleaning (and avoiding homework), I decided I wanted to wear something really fun and cute. I promised I’d take pictures, but I didn’t think about it being dark when I would actually be getting ready, so inside lighting will have to do. As you can tell, I washed my sheets today. Pay no attention to the naked mattress in the corner! I’m still getting used to the self-timer on my camera, so bear with me.

On a side note, the band was amazing! I’ll post their MySpace page later and you guys can check them out. And sorry for the lack of posts this week. Midterms can be extremely time consuming. Oh, and you guys are in for a treat this weekend! Tomorrow my friend Darsi and I are going thrifting and we are going to do a photo shoot of our findings! So keep an eye out for that most likely Saturday night.

purple shirt from Target, Volcom striped vest, Wal-mart headband, department store shorts, sparkly tights from Saks (that I got for like $.50 when I worked there), and Steve Madden boots (from Ross for $9.99!). Oh! And my Coach signature wristlet and a necklace I got for like nothing on sale at New York and Co. I think.

DSC01086Here’s a close up of my tights!

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