Banana Republic Daisy Wreath Brooch

I’ve gotta admit, at first glance, this brooch was a little underwhelming. But I’ve been become really interested in brooches lately, so I thought I’d look at the close up. And let me tell you, this picture does not do it justice. I’m sure this brooch looks even better in person! Now I’m completely in love and want it desperately. Brooches are so much fun. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not too big into wearing jewelry, which is why I love brooches. You get some sparkle without actually wearing jewelry. And who can resist a brooch that has daisies with sparkles for the center?! It’s really not too expensive, either, just $39 from Banana Republic. You have to at least check out the zoomed in picture. It’s just so cute!

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Emily Hacker