Chic Purse Hooks

When I stumbled upon these purse hooks, I thought to myself, “How did I live without these?” I mean you hear all the time that the bottom of purses can be one of the grossest things in your house because you set it down here and there and bacteria hitches a ride. So you go out to eat and there isn’t enough room at the booth for everyone’s purse to sit next to them, what do you do? Put it on your lap? How uncomfortable. Or even worse, you sit at the bar where there definitely isn’t any place to sit your sit your purse. Well, now you can carry around one of these handy little purse hooks. They hold up to 35 lbs., which even my purse doesn’t weigh and I keep my world in there. There are lots of different designs, although I’m a sucker for the heart shape gem with a double row of rhinestones. And if you buy them from Blue Moon Goods, you can get them on sale for $14.95 each with free shipping!

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Emily Hacker