Alice + Olivia Leggings

So I know these look kind of silly and up until last night I would have agreed with you.  Why the change of heart?  Well, normally I’d just say that Alice + Olivia made a pair so I’m willing to change sides of the fence on that alone, but since I love you I will tell you the truth.  So pictures this: it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m picking out an outfit from my closet (many of which still have tags or have not been worn, so no, I did not buy anything new for the occasion).  I finally try on a top I bought from bebe about a year ago and, until last night, hadn’t found an occasion to wear it.  So I put the top on and realize that it’s cut a little to short to wear with skinny jeans.  As I stared at the mirror I realized the best thing for the outfit would be these leggings.  It was upsetting to say the least, but I grabbed my go to 7 for all mankind wide leg jeans and made do.  I still think these leggings would have been better though.  If you too see the light, then you can pick these up from for $148.

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